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Twelfth Night at the Movies: 1980

*blows dust off community* Hey, anyone still here? Thanks to getting spam comments on previous installments of Twelfth Night at the Movies, I realized that I'd never posted the third one! Better late than never, right? And just in time for Twelfth Night, too! Today's Twelfth Night is part of the BBC Complete Works series. That accounts for the fuzzy picture quality. And it's from 1980, which might account for the bad hair, unless that's just the Twelfth Night Bad Hair Curse. The heavy courtier bias is my own fault, but hey, who doesn't love super minor characters with elaborate doublets and even more elaborate headcanons? ...don't answer that.

Hunters! With dogs! Proof that Orsino actually does stuff when he's not moping?

Orsino makes a Dramatic Appearance. Followed by Curio!

Orsino lounges and angsts, as Orsinos do.

Curio's big moment!

Orsino has an earring, and disdain for anything that isn't Olivia.

Enter Valentine, who doesn't have much color sense.

At least he has a hat to gesture with!

Curio and Valentine think Orsino is weird.

The courtiers get snuggly.

See? :D

Viola desperately needs a new costume.

Bring your feet to the buttery-bar...?

Toby anticipates a hug.

I wonder how many productions put Sir Andrew in yellow...

Maria winks at Sir Toby.


Sir Andrew has the back-trick simply as strong as any man in Illyria!

Valentine has a cru-ush!

And you thought only Olivia prowled in this play.

Valentine is smooooth.

Curio is shocked to find his boyfriend pursuing another man. Woman. Eunuch. Whatever.

Valentine takes a last look at "Cesario"...

I think this is Orsino's seductive face. Or at least I think he thinks so.

Curio is Not Happy.

Especially when Valentine starts snuggling the newcomer.

Enter Feste! I like his doublet.

Proving Olivia a fool, while Malvolio lurks in the background.

Olivia realizes that she has been out-logicked.

Malvolio snarks and Olivia gazes longingly at Feste.

Feste does a somersault...

...and lands in Olivia's lap! I mean, his head upon her lap. Do you think I meant- never mind.

He stays there a while. Olivia doesn't seem to mind. OTP, just saying.

Still there! :D

But then he has to leave to go look after Sir Toby. :(

Enter Viola, with a snazzy wooing hat.

And Olivia has a snazzy mourning veil.

Wooing time!

Olivia's in looooove!

As are Sebastian and Antonio. Ahem.

Antonio reacts to the news that his boyfriend's name isn't actually "Roderigo."

And then he smirks when Sebastian describes Viola as looking just like him and also being beautiful. A few seconds later, he bats his eyelashes. :D

Sebastian angsts.

Antonio wants to be Sebastian's servant.

And wishes that all the gentleness of the gods would go with him.

And he adores him so, that danger shall seem sport, and he shall go!

Sir Andrew tosses a coin to Feste. Sir Toby catches it.

Sir Andrew wonders where his coin went.

More wooing!

Maria thinks that Malvolio should go shake his ears.

Maria asks Santa for a pony!

Sir Andrew makes a joke, and is really proud of himself!

"I was adored once, too." "O RLY?"

Feste watches the knights leave...

...and then sings a sad reprise of "O Mistress Mine," because he's obviously in love with Olivia. Though that might change in the next scene...

Curio has a shiny new costume!

When he comes back with Feste, he glares at Cesario.

And then smiles cutely at Orsino.

A rare smile from Orsino the Angsty!

Instead of singing to Orsino, Feste sings to Curio.

And also touches him.

And snuggles him.

Curio doesn't have a chance.

Feste disappears behind a pillar, and Curio looks for him (and has cool boots)!

They share a significant look.

Feste turns his attention to Cesario and Orsino. Curio checks out his butt.

Feste joins the other courtiers. Valentine sizes up the competition.

Valentine thinks that maybe he shouldn't have flirted with Cesario and made his boyfriend mad.

Viola longs for Orsino, who checks out Feste and the courtiers.

Feste makes a joke, and Curio is the only one who laughs!

And then, chastised by Orsino, he stops laughing.

One last significant look before Feste goes.

Orsino, your sleeves.

Viola has a moment of Cute.

Orsino gives Viola a jewel. For Olivia, of course. ANGST!

Enter Fabian, who has chemistry with everyone! Only onstage for a moment, and already he's patting Sir Toby's tummy.

And clutching Sir Toby's shoulder.

And- um.

Sir Andrew looks on, aghast, as his boyfriend is stolen away.

More Fabian/Toby snuggles!

Andrew gets in on the action!

And then Fabian explains to him about "Her c's, her u's, and her t's."

Be vewy, vewy quiet. We'we hunting Mawvowios!

Malvolio reads the reference to yellow stockings!

And thanks God for his good fortune.

Fabian spots his next target.


Feste (who indicates that he totally eavesdropped on Olivia and Viola) with his pipe and tabor.

And here he is in the act of eavesdropping. He leaves soon, but one never knows where he might be hiding.

Olivia rolls her eyes at the thought of Orsino.

Fabian doesn't think much of Sir Andrew's hat.

But he sure likes Sir Toby!

Like, like-like, even.

Maria succumbs to Fabian's charms.

Like his sister, Sebastian has a snazzy wooing hat. Obviously, this means he's wooing Antonio.

Antonio declares his love (again) while Sebastian strips.

And continues to declare his love as Sebastian continues to strip.


Yeah, ditto.

Sebastian's shirt, to Antonio's sorrow, stays put.

Seriously, who washes their chest with their shirt on?

Didn't anyone ever tell Sebastian not to wipe his nose on his sleeve?

Antonio really shouldn't be letting Sebastian out of his sight.

Enter Malvolio's Stockings!

Mr. DeMille, Malvolio's Stockings are ready for their close-up.

The Servant, who for once is not Fabian, snerks at Malvolio's Stockings.

The conspirators flex their acting muscles.


Maria feels pretty. Oh, so pretty. Pretty and witty and bright!

Reactions to Andrew's letter.

Andrew is very proud of his letter. Fabian isn't.

Let Sir Andrew alone for swearing!

Sir Toby demonstrates a cockatrice's killing look.

Souls and bodies hath Sir Andrew divorced three!

Viola tries to go back to Olivia, but Fabian blocks the door.

And then he flirts (of course).

Viola flirts back!

Viola, Fabian, and the Snazzy Wooing Hat are caught in a compromising position!

The fight scene to end all fight scenes.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... SUPER ANTONIO!

Antonio poses for "Sebastian's" sake.

Super Antonio in action!

Antonio gets arrested, but isn't too concerned about it.

That changes once "Sebastian" rejects him. :(

Toby and Fabian are amused at the idea of Andrew fighting "Cesario" again.

They both rush for the door, and bump into each other!

Fabian lets Toby go first. What a gentleman! Or servant, whatever.

Little known fact: jesters' noses go "BEEP!" when you push them.

Feste reprimands Cesario Viola Sebastian.

Fabian and Feste are so distressed by "Cesario" suddenly being an amazing fighter, they just have to hold hands.

That's two of his weapons!

Now Fabian is really distressed, and there is no more Feste to cling to! :(

Fabian cowers. Aaaaw.

More with the cowering.

Olivia to the rescue! And Sebastian has very dramatic hair.

Sir Toby makes sad puppy eyes at his niece.

While Fabian makes "I totally wasn't cowering!" eyes.

Sebastian is confused.

Olivia is confused.

So obviously, they should get married! :D

Feste gets into costume.

Apparently, Olivia has a dungeon. I am disturbed.

Toby asks Maria to come by and by to his chamber. Ooo...

Feste visits Malvolio in the dungeon. Seriously, couldn't they stick him in a shed?

Sebastian, as is the wont of Sebastians, is confused.

But he can totally figure things out!

Or maybe he'll just angst about the lack of Antonio in his life.

Not that that'll stop him from getting married - although he'll look a little confused first.

Very confused. And not particularly happy.

Feste and Fabian snog fight over Malvolio's letter.

Fabian promises to do anything for Feste...

...and is promptly outwitted.

Antonio glares defiantly at Orsino.

And then looks longingly at "Cesario."

Valentine and Curio return! ...and also some crazy woman, but never mind her.

Orsino starts to wonder if something is going on between his Dark Lady and Fair Friend.

Hello, angst!

Olivia doesn't like Orsino's suggestion of killing her. Sorry, who's the one with the dungeon?

Orsino tries to look vicious.

Viola is very emphatic about her love for Orsino.

Olivia, detested and beguiled, flails around for something to swoon on.

A Gentlewoman steps in.

To whom Olivia will cling and angst dramatically.

And Viola takes a cue from her brother and becomes extraordinarily confused.

Having patched up their differences, Valentine and Curio talk to the priest!

"Farewell, and take her!"

Sir Andrew hides behind Olivia, who is very disappointed in her "husband."

Toby and Fabian laugh at Andrew, who angsts.

And now it's Sebastian's turn to confuse others!

Olivia throws a strange regard upon Sebastian.

Orsino and Olivia see double!

And Sebastian sees....

...ANTONIO! He runs to him, right past Viola, but he doesn't notice her. Viola wonders why her brother never told her he was gay.

The joyful reunion, continued!

An apple cleft in two, etc.

Orsino shall have share in this most happy wreck!

Olivia talks about her "most extracting frenzy." Sebastian is, oddly enough, confused.

Fabian still wants that letter.

Fabian laughs at Feste's mad reading. So does Curio. Valentine glares.

And then Fabian realizes that he has to read out loud, omg!

He stumbles on a few words, and Feste has to help him. Aaaw.

Fabian realizes that he's in troooouble.

I call this next set of screencaps "Adventures in OT3."

Viola's master quits her. And also holds Olivia's hand.

So, considering the significance of hand-giving...

One big happy family!

And Sebastian, of course, gets Antonio. Most wonderful, indeed! Except maybe for Feste.

Sebastian is confused by the scary ranting man.

Fabian decides to confess.

But first, Feste fixes his shirt.

And lingers. Maybe Feste will be all right after all.

Olivia is appalled that such things could happen in her house (and dungeon).

"Hey, come on, it was funny!"

"I mean- um- considering- never mind."

Malvolio is surrounded by idiots.


Exit Valentine and Curio. They go with the Officers to pursue Malvolio and entreat him to a peace. And then to get married and live happily ever after, presumably!

Smoochies! I don't think Olivia and Sebastian ever kiss... maybe there's a reason for that, if you know what I mean.

The lovers leave. Feste sings.

Now that Sir Toby is married, Fabian considers Feste.

Feste sings to poor, angsty Antonio.

Antonio puts on a brave face, or at least he tries to.

And then he leaves, because the Officers just left him there without restraints or anything. Whatever.

Feste bids Sir Toby and Lady Belch adieu.

Feste is left alone.

And then Feste leaves, and all that is left is Olivia's garden. It's quite a pretty garden. You'd never think it, from the condition of the dungeon.

And that's all for Twelfth Night at the Movies! Unless I ever get around to screencapping some of the other versions, which... could happen someday, I guess.


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Jan. 6th, 2013 11:54 am (UTC)
Dude, I love your reviewing style (those paraphrases!), and, perhaps even more importantly, your shipping style. I can't say I ever had too many feelings about the servants previously, but after reading this? Totally shipping all of it. Every single one. So basically, my life would be poorer without this post, and thank you. c:
Jan. 6th, 2013 09:17 pm (UTC)
Aw, you're welcome and thank you! Background characters could always use more love. ;)
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