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Twelfth Night at the Movies: 1980

*blows dust off community* Hey, anyone still here? Thanks to getting spam comments on previous installments of Twelfth Night at the Movies, I realized that I'd never posted the third one! Better late than never, right? And just in time for Twelfth Night, too! Today's Twelfth Night is part of the BBC Complete Works series. That accounts for the fuzzy picture quality. And it's from 1980, which might account for the bad hair, unless that's just the Twelfth Night Bad Hair Curse. The heavy courtier bias is my own fault, but hey, who doesn't love super minor characters with elaborate doublets and even more elaborate headcanons? ...don't answer that.

The Epic Romance of Valentine and Curio (and also there are twins or something)Collapse )

And that's all for Twelfth Night at the Movies! Unless I ever get around to screencapping some of the other versions, which... could happen someday, I guess.

Twelfth Night at the Movies: 1988

After far too long an absence, welcome back to Twelfth Night at the Movies! Today's Twelfth Night comes from 1988 and was directed by Kenneth Branagh, but shockingly, he does not appear onscreen. Almost twenty years have passed since the last installment of this series, but there is still plenty of bad hair in Illyria. Only now, most of it is bad facial hair. There is also lots of snow and angst. And also overuse of the word "rather," but I mostly wrote this five years ago (...whoa, where did the time go?) and can't be bothered to fix it now. Enter if you dare...

Anton Chekhov's Twelfth NightCollapse )

Sep. 8th, 2010

So while reading my recently acquired Manga Shakespeare version of Twelfth Night today, I realized that I kind of have a total crush on Sir Andrew Aguecheek. Yeah, I know, I know. Out of everyone? Andrew? Really? But mannn I cannot help it. He is super adorable in basically every single version I have ever seen. Plus the guy can dance.

Anyway, pretty much what I am wondering is can anyone else agree or commiserate with me on this? I would like to know that I am not alone in my weird affections :|

Twelfth Night at the Movies: 1969

Hello, and welcome to Twelfth Night at the Movies! Which is really more like Twelfth Night on TV, but whatever! I'm your host, bewareofitalics, and have I ever watched a lot of Twelfth Night. A few years ago, I screencapped three different versions and posted them to my journal, and now, I shall bring those screencaps to you! Today's Twelfth Night comes from 1969 and stars Sir Alec Guinness, Tommy Steele, Sir Ralph Richardson, and Joan Plowright. The image quality isn't great, because while this version has since been released on DVD, the screencaps are taken from a video my parents taped off TV before I even knew who Shakespeare was. I've kept my commentary from when I first posted this, hopefully taking out anything that wouldn't make sense to someone who wasn't on my flist back then. Behind the cut, you will find slash, snark, and a lot of bad hair. And I mean, a lot of bad hair. This project started purely so I could show off how terrible the hair in this version was, and then I got carried away. So without further ado...

The Tragedie of Orsino and His HairCollapse )

And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges. Hope everyone had fun!

Viola/Olivia mini-fanvid

Icon somewhat unrelated, but it's the only one I have that has anything to do with femmeslash. >_>; Anyway! Made this vid a couple of days ago for shakespearekink, where I said I would take requests for vids. The prompt I got was "Twelfth Night (the version with Helena Bonham-Carter), any slash/femslash pairings (Sebastian/Antonio, Olivia/Viola), set to any Lady Gaga song. (You can cut the song, it's cool.)" For the song, I chose "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich", and shortened the hale out of it. XD; And the pairing - Viola/Olivia. Obvs.

PS. I would love to know who requested this, if they're around here. :D

Adorable little trailer :D

I was diddling around on Youtube last night and I found this trailer for a production of Twelfth last year:

Doesn't that look wonderful? I just - omg. Fangirling so hard right now here. XD Everyone's so adorable - even stoner!Andrew (my favorite kind of Andrew) and Toby! NGL, I ship them pretty hard here. Orsino running for political office - love the conversations between him and Cesario, who is cute as a button. Love Olivia's "mourning" - it's the perfect cross between actual mourning (1996) and a ploy for attention (as in a production I saw recently). And wee little Feste! Oh, and this Malvolio? PERFECT. He's young, so it's not creepy, but still a total priggish jerk. And his STOCKINGS OMG. THOSE FISHNETS. I AM DED. And itty bitty Feste! And poor Antonio. I think every Antonio needs the right blend of patheticness + adorable + you want to hug him. Which this one has, poor bb.

omg Orsino and his little portrait aww <3. And ANDREW I cannot get over how CUTE he is!

Guys. I am being such a fangirl over a weentsy little trailer of a production I will never have the chance to see - PLEASE SEND HELP. D:

(no no no I do not ship thisAndrew/thisAntonio oh gods but they'd be so cute together! DEAR BRAIN, WHY?)

Hm. I thought I'd post here to get some kind of something going - evidently trying to make posts at 1 AM is not the greatest idea - but don't be shy, guys. If you have something you want to post, do! :D

A few old fanvids

I made these before, and posted them to my own journal, but am posting them here for archival's sake. :)

"Be A Man", a silly thing about Viola. (Because, you know, the song. THE SONG.)

"Romanticide", a somewhat emo Antonio/Sebastian.

And a bit of Malvolio-centric crack for your time.

Inaugural comm post!

 Welcome to What You Will, or, a Twelfth Night fan comm! I'm dontcrosscross, but you can call me Cross, and I'll be your moderator this evening. This is a home for all fanworks related to what is, IMHO, Shakespeare's gayest play. Tags are to your left - *points* - please use them as they apply: if you don't see one that fits, make it, or let me know and I'll do so. All posts are welcome here: chatty and random or Srs Bzns Scholarly Discussion, and introductory posts are fine too. Fanworks made prior to the comm's creation can be posted as well.

Well, I believe that's all I have to say here! Have fun! Don't hold back! Let imagination blow you!